If parasailing has been on your bucket list for too long, then this is the time to get it done. A combination of adrenaline and relaxation makes this activity a one of a kind..

800 ft. of rope line that gives you just over 500 ft. of vertical altitude to see Roatan the way it was meant to be seen. Imagine the view from up there. We can fly up to three (3) people together depending on weight and wind conditions.
Take offs and landings right from the back deck of the boat, so you never have to touch the water unless you want to… it’s that easy!!!
Flying time it’s approximately 10 min. but entire boat excursion depends on the amount of people that goes on the boat, Up to 12 people

. • Liability waiver must be signed for anyone parasailing, if under 18 a parent or guardian will signed.
• Recommended for kids 5 years old and older.
• Any none flying person that wants to come on the boat as a rider would have to pay $15.00 per person as long as there is extra space available.
• You may take your phone or camera during you’re flying time, but we are not responsible for dropped off items. JUST SO YOU KNOW, OUR GUYS WON’T MIND TAKING PICTURES OF YOU FROM THE BOAT

Price per person is $70.00